Danish doubts

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Post written in November 2016

Sometimes you just need to be reminded that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Last night I started wavering about moving to Denmark. As I was in my evening Pilates class, I started to think, ‘I won’t have a clue what’s going on if I joined a similar class in Copenhagen’. Then in between hip curl lifts and hamstring stretches, my mind started wandering even more. I enjoy my life in Sheffield. We have family and friends here, I have a good network of mums I’ve got to know, we have a lovely house in a great area. And bloody hell, I think I’m suddenly a bit broody. That’s good timing Emma. So then I started thinking about being pregnant in Denmark, giving birth in Denmark, do they do hypnobirthing courses, will it all be a bit traumatic, won’t it be ridiculously hard juggling Lydia, a newborn and no immediate family support? But I don’t want another baby right now, just at some point in the future and that future could be in Denmark. I off-loaded all of this onto Richie just before he announced he was going to bed. You can imagine, we had a wonderfully constructive conversation about it. “Ah….OK….I stopped listening a while  ago to be honest. Like I said, I’m going to bed….”

So this morning I went to a Mama Social meeting in Sheffield. It’s a group where the babies play and mums listen to an inspirational talk by another mum who has set up her own business. This morning we heard from Grace Tindall, founder of Scandibørn, an online children’s store selling Scandinavian-inspired nursery and children’s interiors, clothing and gifts.  She set up this gorgeous business during her maternity leave in Sheffield. So apt! To hear how much she has achieved, with a baby Lydia’s age and the focus, drive and self-belief she had, was just what I needed to hear. She’s working long hours in her day job three days a week, to then spend her other time not only looking after baby Harry but staying up late each night for her business, which she runs with her husband. Being around other new mums reminded me of the strength we often forget we have. And to hear everyone’s enthusiasm about my plans really gave me a boost. I was also reminded I’m not the only one who gets tired, questions themselves and wonders if broken nights will ever end. But we all get through it. Mums are a tough bunch I have discovered. Actually that’s an understatement. Mums are super-beings. So to conclude this ramble; the thought of having a second baby in a different country is not a reason to give up on the whole idea. It may not even happen. But if it does, the adventure will just become bigger.

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    Great blog posts!

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    Great blog posts. X

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