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So deciding to start a blog and enter the world of social media the week of packing up our lives to move country was a bit ambitious, so I haven’t yet put up all the past posts. But, to keep up with the idea that blogging is about posting current events (as Rich helpfully pointed out tonight) I thought I’d quickly write this!

It has been a week filled with a lot of packing and a lot of farewells. Many people are asking whether we are excited/apprehensive/scared. To be honest, we are just exhausted. It turns out we have accumulated a lot of possessions during our 11 years together – well I have anyway. At one point in the week I actually asked Rich if I had a problem a.k.a. Cathy Coronation Street (must research if hoarding is in the Danish gene). But I have now successfully completed the New Year wardrobe detox and then some – and we are ready. Friends and family have given us a wonderful send off. We can’t wait to start this adventure and share it with you. x

Gifts from friends and family

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