Radio interview about my life in Denmark

A few weeks ago I was asked to go onto BBC Radio Sheffield to talk about my life in Denmark and the return to Sheffield.

I haven’t spoken about myself on radio before – it’s usually about the news – but it was actually really lovely to reminisce about our adventure and have a whole 14 minutes of air time to do that. As you can hear, I filled those 14 minutes! I have so much I can say about Denmark.

So for a trip down memory lane, of how our Danish adventure all came about, here’s the full interview below.

You can also read my blog posts from those early days in Denmark and how we took the decision to move, under the menu on my blog, ‘ The Adventure.’

And for other interviews I’ve done, just look under the menu ‘Media.’

I hope everyone is surviving winter corona-style and here’s to more adventures to come.

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