Denmark reopening week 4 (lockdown week 9)

In my last of this series of weekly updates for The Local, I wrote about summer holiday plans. Things are really starting to feel back to normal in Denmark now, by the fact we can talk about summer holidays, although trips abroad look like they’ll be off the cards.

Belle Vue Strand, Klampenborg

As the weather warms up in Denmark, and restrictions continue to ease after lockdown, people’s attention has started to turn towards the summer holidays.

In Denmark, many people take at least three weeks off in July. Many offices close down, schools are on their summer break and even childcare is partially closed. Copenhagen becomes very quiet, except for the seasonal tourists. So what will happen this year?

Denmark’s borders have been closed since the 14th March but the government has said it will make a decision about how to reopen them by the 1st June.

Germany announced this week that it’s ready and waiting to reopen its border with Denmark but the Danish government want to first collaborate with other Nordic counties before making a decision. 

In the meantime, summer houses in Denmark are up for grabs, as three out of four Danish summer houses are usually booked by Germans.

And it seems this will be the way most people in Denmark spend their summer holiday. My neighbours have already booked theirs and were encouraging us to do the same.

As Denmark is made up of so many islands, you are spoilt for choice with coastlines and if ferry trips are involved, it can feel like you’re going away. It is also possible to cross the bridge to Sweden but on returning you are strongly advised to spend 14 days in quarantine.

For those wanting to visit their home country, that is sadly still off the cards, until further announcements on the border reopening are made. But spouses, live-in partners, parents and children of a Danish resident or citizen can come into Denmark to visit – if their home country allows it. And it’s always worth contacting your embassy for advice if you have a special reason to travel.

So it may not be the summer many had planned for, but there are options to travel across Denmark and Sweden and take a break, which is no doubt what many people are ready for.

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