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Look at that haul! This is the Danish way of giving you a helping start to life with a newborn.

When I first heard about the free baby boxes, I thought it was like Finland’s concept – where the government give expectant mums a baby box the baby can actually sleep in, which is filled with newborn essentials. This isn’t quite that – it’s more commercial – similar to the Bounty packs you get in England but better. You have to know which shops and supermarkets provide the free packs, sign up with your email address and contact info, then go and collect. There were a few more shops than the ones I’ve listed, but they required either joining a membership club (Matas, Co-Op) or committing to a paid subscription (Gyldendals).

So here’s what I got. It was genuinely useful to try the different brands and know which nappies etc were the best to then buy.

FAKTA – a supermarket equivalent to a U.K. Morrisons


What you get:

Cotton buds, clothes detergent, disposable changing mat, Barnets dummy, 45 nappy bags, baby wipes, 5 newborn nappies, co-op branded baby shampoo, bath wash, baby lotion, zinc cream, baby oil and skum vaskeklude. What is that you wonder? It’s a rolled pack of a foam-like fabric which you can cut into large squares, to wet and clean the baby’s bottom. It’s used in nurseries and by lots of mums instead of cotton wool or water wipes.


FØTEX – a supermarket equivalent to a U.K. Sainsburys


What you get:

An organic cotton vest, Levevis baby wipes, Levevis cold cream, 60 nappy bags, 28 nappies in size 1, a teether, a dummy, 20% off a food shop and an organic weaning recipe guide. I also got a Duplo toy because I have a toddler, which was a nice touch.


LIDL – just like the ones in England, except more expensive because it’s Denmark


What you get:

6 Lupilu nappies in size 1 and 2, Lupilu baby wipes, 100 nappy bags and an organic cotton long-sleeved vest.


LIBERO – a nappy brand


What you get:

12 nappies sizes 1 and 2 collected from Kvickly, who sell these. Libero also have lots of mother and baby articles and other useful information when you sign up.


NAME IT – A lovely Danish baby clothes shop


What you get:

An outfit for the baby and a cuddly toy. Each pack is slightly different. In mine I got an organic cotton long-sleeved vest, organic cotton trousers, size 1-2 months. All worth more than 300 kr.


BABY SAM –  The go-to baby store that has everything – a bit like Mamas & Papas


What you get:

Angelcare nappy bin, MAM anti colic bottle, Avent bottle, Avent dummy, bambino weaning spoon, 12 Libero nappies size 1 and 2, wipes, Ceridal Fedtcreme (cold cream), two sets of breast pads, Multi-mam balm (nipple cream), multi mam kompresser, (compress for sore nipples) multi-gyn kompresser (a compress for down below), 100kr off your next purchase of more than 400.


So there you have it! A little introduction into Danish baby life.

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  1. Basudev Parajuli
    January 17, 2020 / 3:38 pm

    i have about a month baby.We also looking for free baby stuffs.But i dont konw how to apply to get in copenhagan.I request you to help to apply.

    • Emma
      March 11, 2020 / 12:51 pm

      Hi there, the free baby stuff comes from a variety of shops and supermarkets. You have to sign up with your email address and contact info, then go and collect. I’ve listed all the shops that provide this on my blog post. I hope that helps.

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